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Transit Performance Engineering has a number of partner businesses that we'd like to recommend for your consideration... specializes in map software for the United States and other regions such as Canada, Europe, and Australia, as well as select GPS receivers.

The products offered by begin with select map software from Garmin. The selections include the City Navigator Europe NT 2010 and the City Navigator North America NT 2011, as well as the Topo U.S. 24K on microSD with SD adapter. Topographic maps from Garmin include the Garmin Topo U.S. 100K. A brand new product line from Garmin is the Garmin Topo U.S. 24K on DVD Map Software based on the 1:24,000 scale USGS Quadrangles. All of these products are fully compatible with the Garmin handheld GPS receivers.

The premiere product offered at is the National Geographic TOPO! family of map software. These award-winning programs are divided into three groups: the National Geographic TOPO! State Series, the National Geographic Weekend Explorer 3D, and the National Geographic Parks Explorer 3D Series. The TOPO! State Series includes map software for single or a number of states, such as TOPO! California, TOPO! Alaska, TOPO! Colorado, TOPO! Oregon, TOPO! Arizona, TOPO! New Mexico, and TOPO! Utah. These titles contain maps for entire states, and are complemented by TOPO! Explorer, a new add-on from National Geographic that offers unheard of map detail for every TOPO! State title. Finally, the Parks Explorer 3D Series is based on the excellent National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps, developed specifically for hikers. It includes the National Park Explorer 3D, as well as single park titles such as Yosemite National Park Explorer 3D. also offers the full range of the excellent LakeMaster lake maps products, such as the LakeMaster Lowrance Legacy Pro Maps, the LakeMaster for Humminbird Pro Maps, and the LakeMaster Insight for Lowrance HDS, this one with amazing 3D capability. Also featured is the full line of the LakeMaster Contour Elite fishing map software for Windows PCs. The LakeMaster products also include the Garmin LakeMaster Pro Maps memory cards.

Another excellent GPS receiver offered by is the DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-60. It is a state-of-the art receiver that can work with the DeLorme Topo North America 9.0 software as well as other forms of imagery such as USGS 7.5' Quads or high resolution color aerial images. The DeLorme PN-60 is complemented by the Earthmate GPS PN-60w with SPOT Communicator and he LT-40 in the DeLorme GPS line-up, which is a USB receiver capable of working with NEMA interface map software and especially the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2011 Plus. The LT-40 comes bundled with the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2011. And, offers the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

The offer is rounded out by the Lowrance Fishing Hot Spots PRO USA, Lowrance Endura U.S. Outdoor and Road Turn-by-Turn microSD memory cards.

D&D Engineering:

Transportation project consulting for public and private enterprises.

Nexus Applied Research, Inc.:

Nexus Applied Research, Inc. is an electronics engineering consulting firm that specializes in all aspects of telecommunications design.

In addition, Nexus soon will be offering a line of consumer home network devices, such as the netSwitch, a remote AC On/Off device.

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