Summary Resume
  Sylvia Sonnenberg-Morek
Education: Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Moscow, Russia 1959.
Two Years - The engineering and design of agricultural and military transportation equipment.Thirty Years - Federal Ground Transportation Research and Development Center in Warsaw, Poland, involved in testing, diagnosing transportation equipment, studying parts and component replacement needs and preparing international technical requirements and standards.

Two Years - Transit Performance Engineering, specializing in rail and ground transportation engineering consulting services.
September 1997 - Present: Transit Performance Engineering. Responsibilities include: reviewing engineering documentation, reviewing stress analysis and manufacturing and quality control procedures prepared by railroad and ground transportation car builders.

January, 1961 - June 1991: Federal Ground Transportation Research and Development Center, Warsaw, Poland. At the beginning, Ms. Sonnenberg was involved in diagnosing and studying the technical condition of automotive equipment From 1965 Ms Sonnenberg was involved in propulsion testing (engine test bench laboratory) for automobiles, buses and trucks. Ms Sonnenberg was a leading engineer in evaluating components' technical condition and replacement needs. She was involved in evaluating of fuel consumption economy.From 1972 until 1991 Ms. Sonnenberg was involved in preparing and writing international requirements and standards for ground transportation equipment. She was a specially valuable specialist because of her knowledge of the Polish, English, Russian, German and Czech languages.

January 1960 - January 1961: Department of Defence. Ms. Sonnenberg worked in the position of design engineer in the Ground Transportation Department.

August 1959 - January 1960: Agriculture Transportation Equipment, Ursus, Poland Ms. Sonnenberg worked as a design engineer.
Association of Professional Transportation Engineers, Poland.
Specialization: Mechanical Engineering related to rail and ground transportation consulting services.
Languages: Knowledge of Polish, Russian, German and Czech languages.

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