Summary Resume
  James M. Shook, BSID, IDSA
Education: B.S. Industrial Design, San Jose State University

1982 - Present: Owner and Principal: Shook Design.
The company specializes in Product Design with special emphasis on automotive and passenger transportation equipment. Mr. Shook provided the industrial design of the interiors and developed the architecture of the following passenger rail vehicles, which were built and have completed several years of successful service:

Toronto bi-level commuter car. This car received the excellence of design award given by the Province of Ontario.

Toronto subway H5 car.

Mexican National Railroad 1-st and 2-nd class coaches.

MBTM, Boston, Blue and Orange lines subway cars.

Santa Clara Light Rail Vehicle.

In addition, Mr. Shook prepared several proposals for interior and exterior designs, among other projects, for such vehicles as:

Illinois Central full bi-level, self-propelled commuter car (1975).

Auckland, New Zealand, self-propelled commuter car.

Mexico City commuter car.

Cleveland Light Rail Vehicle

Subway car for Honk-Kong

Subway car for Kowloon, China

Monorail for the Transportation Group, Inc, Florida (now considered for Houston, Texas)

Intercontinental bi-level car for VIA Rail, Canada.

Bi-level car for Caltrans (with UTDC).

Subway car for Medellin, Colombia

August 1981 - 1982: Manager: Industrial Design/Human Factors Center; Tandem Computers Inc., Cupertino, California.
Second-level manager responsible for Industrial Design and Human Factors (hardware and software), world wide. Product lines include main-frame computers, disc drives, communications processors, telco equipment, office computer products, and advanced product concepts.

June 1978 - August 1981: Senior Account Designer; FMC Corporation, Central Engineering Labs, Santa Clara, California.
Directed Industrial Design activity at six FMC divisions. Projects included hydraulic cranes, fire trucks, street sweepers, lawn and garden equipment, electronic controls, and food processing equipment.

January 1976 - June 1978: Manager, Industrial Design & Program Planning; Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Responsible for interior and exterior design of mass transit vehicles, including passenger rail cars, subway cars and light rail vehicles. Responsible for planning all activities necessary to bid, engineer and manufacture mass transit vehicles.

March 1969 - January 1976: Senior Designer, General Motors Corporation, Warren, Michigan. Contributed to the design of several successful automobiles including the Pontiac Firebird, Le Mans, and Ventura. Represented the studio manager during his absence.

Vice President, Industrial Design Society of America.
Director, World Design Council
And Recognition:

Six "G" Mark from Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

Two special MITI awards for best foreign designs.

Eleven "Gute Industrieform" awards from Hannover Fair.

Three Design Awards from Stuttgart Design Center.

Three products in permanent collection of Munich Museum of Modern Art.

Three "Design Innovation" award from Essen Design Center.

Three Industrial Design Magazine Awards and one Honorable Mention.

Six patents.

Two "Design Excellence" awards from Ontario, Canada.

Transit vehicle design featured in Italian Domus Magazine.

Other Three years Product Design Instructor at Stanford University, California.
Presently Professor of Industrial Design at San Jose State University, California.

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