Project Profile

Northern Indiana
Commuter Transit District

Repair of Damaged
Nippon Sharyo
Commuter Coach

In January 1994 a collision occurred in the Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District involving two trains coming in contact at the cab-coach ends. Both coaches had their front left corners severely ripped off, this resulting in seven fatalities. TPE provided engineering assistance in the reconstruction of the damaged cars. The work started with a thorough inspection of the cars, a review of existing carbuilder drawings, and recommendation for the strategy of the rework. It was decided to remove one quarter of the car, splitting the carbody in the middle to the mid-point of it's length, then cutting the body across. The damaged quarter of the car was then fitted with a replacement removed from a carbody wrecked in another collision. This project also involved laboratory testing of samples of the structure for their chemical composition, writing the repair welding procedures, and preparation of a number of sketches and drawings for the repair of the damaged structure.

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